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Changing the Shape or Size of your pool.

This will involve a backhoe first, to dig behind the wall in the area that the pool will expand into. After excavation, the existing pool wall is cut with large saws and or hammers, and removed. For vinyl pools, the wall sections in that area are also removed, albeit a bit more delicately. Steel rebar is laid into the new area, tied together in a grid framework. This steel is tied into the wall, at the point where it was opened up. Then new gunite is shot into and over the steel grid. After curing for 30 days, the entire pool can be plastered and filled.

When the idea of giving our community pool a deeper shallow end came up, I steered the conversation away. It’s a lot of work to dig a pool deeper, and of course the entire floor must be removed. But shallower, that can be easier to do. Many older pools in very bad shape may be extremely renovated by building a new pool inside of the shell of the old pool. Curves or new features can be added, as well as all new plumbing, lighting and even water features.

For vinyl liner pools, a concrete pool can be built inside of the shell, but not so effectively the other way around. That is, it can be difficult (not impossible) to install a liner into a concrete pool. A fiberglass pool shell can also be dropped inside the shell of an old pool, after a good bit of prep work is done.

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