ASE Pools by All Seal Exteriors has a track record of over 7000 completed projects, with thousands of satisfied customers over the last 27 years.

ASE has 27 years of experience, working in South Florida on the tri-county area of Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. ASE Pools by All Seal Exteriors has a track record of over 7000 completed projects, with thousands of satisfied customers.

It does not matter what kind of Pool Service you need, we can take care of your pool remodeling and renovation. Our services include Diamond-Brite, Pool Tile, Pool Coping, Pool Deck Pavers, Pool Deck Travertine, Pool Deck Eurotile, Pool Deck Shelllock Pavers, Pool Waterfalls and many other Pool services, like Pool Lighting, Pump and Filters, Salt Chlorine Systems, and Pool Heaters.

ASE does over 10 projects a week, and more that 500 projects a year. Our team of specialists is ready to take care of all your demands, from the free estimate to the full execution of the project, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We stand out from our competitors for our experience, value and selection of services. Come and try ASE Pools, you'll see we are the perfect fit for your Pool Remodeling Services and you absolutely won't regret you did!

Discounts are available for Senior Citizens, Civil Service and Military Personnel.

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    ASE Pool's Latest Articles

    ASE Pools not only offers the best in Pool Remodeling all over South Florida, we also like to share the knowledge! Every month we publish new articles aimed at those that love their Florida pool life, with tips and interesting articles that will help you maintain your pool, or just know more about pools!
    • 5 Tips to Conserve Pool Water – Enjoy your pool and conserve water this year.

      Unfortunately, droughts occur more often than ever due to climate change. Conserving water is a must as we want to do our part in helping our environment. So if you are thinking of draining your pool, here is something to consider. A well-maintained pool or spa uses less water per day than an irrigated lawn. Plus, pools are fun. They cool you off when it’s hot and they’re perfect for a backyard barbecue or just good family fun. So here are five tips to keep you swimming this summer, while conserving water.

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    • How to Maintain Your Swimming Pool During The Florida Winter

      Winter is here. For Floridians, it’s not as severe as it is everywhere else in the country. We don’t have to worry about snow or ice, so this means your pool can remain open during the winter in Florida. Of course there will be some really cold days between November and February, however, chances are you’ll be able to keep using your pool during the FLorida Winter, if you don’t mind a cold dip on the pool.

      Still, some extra care is required during winter in Florida, so let’s take a look at our tips for maintain your pool during the period.

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    • How to Keep Frogs Away From Your Pool

      Got frogs in your pool? One of the most common pests you will find hanging in and around your pool are frogs. There is just something about a nice, large, refreshing pool that attracts frogs from all over. Of course, what ends up happening is you must continually remove dead frogs from your pool, which isn’t the most thrilling of tasks to say the least.

      While frogs are a relatively benign threat to pools, they can be a nuisance. Let’s explore why frogs love your pool so much and look at a few steps you can take to get rid of them once and for all.

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    • Travertine Pavers as a Great Pool Deck Option

      If you are planning to have a new pool deck installed or remodel an old looking one, you should definitely familiarize yourself with Travertine Pavers as a deck option for your project. Travertine Pavers as a Pool Deck material is specially popular in Sunny South Florida. Travertine pavers may be the best choice for a beautiful, not slick when wet, not hot when sunny, not too difficult to maintain, swimming pool deck.

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    • Improve the Look and Feel of Your Pool Adding Stone and Deck upgrades

      Not uncommon in our area are flagstone decking. You probably have seen already neighbors and friends that have added Stone fixtures to their pool area. Using a Kool Deck type surface, sprayed on top of broom finished concrete, is the norm. In recent years, interlocking pavers have allowed renovators to completely change the look of the deck, without the cost of milled stone. One of my favorite looks is a combination of exposed aggregate pool deck, with brick runners and coping, (or flagstone). Partial wooden decks; the contrast of stone and wood makes a nice effect.

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    • Changing the Shape or Size of your pool.

      This will involve a backhoe first, to dig behind the wall in the area that the pool will expand into. After excavation, the existing pool wall is cut with large saws and or hammers, and removed. For vinyl pools, the wall sections in that area are also removed, albeit a bit more delicately. Steel rebar is laid into the new area, tied together in a grid framework. This steel is tied into the wall, at the point where it was opened up. Then new gunite is shot into and over the steel grid. After curing for 30 days, the entire pool can be plastered and filled.

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